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Book Reviews

The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson

As with all of Brandon Sanderson's books, "The Emperor's Soul" is an entertaining page-turner. The world he has created is filled with an interesting magic whose practitioners are seen as performing an abomination, as they are able to re-write a person's soul.  This ability allows them to become great warriors,…Continue

Started by Read, Review & Win in Fantasy Feb 14.

A Woman of Courage by J. H. Fletcher

This book starts in 2004 with Hilary Brand as the boss of a corporation with interests in Australia, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. During reading, one finds out Hilary's history from humble beginnings, her strength of character, her daughters, her challenges, and how her power moves to one of the daughters. A…Continue

Started by Read, Review & Win in Family Sagas Feb 14.

REVIEW: Tibetan Peach Pie - Tom Robbins 2 Replies

Tibetan Peach Pie: A True Account of an Imaginative Life- Tom Robbins.This book, being an auto-biography, and therefore a new genre for Tom Robbins, interestingly stays true to his unique style of writing so identifiable in his fiction. The fantasy and intricate importance placed on small details, along with his poetic impressions, and specific collecting of seemingly unrelated things do carry on into his writing of events he has experienced throughout his life. On more than one occasion in…Continue

Tags: win, january, 2017, &, read

Started by Adrienne Knott in Biography. Last reply by Read, Review & Win Feb 14.

Tom Hughes QC : a cab on the rank by Ian Hancock

Good account of an accomplished lawyer-politician's career.Continue

Started by Read, Review & Win in Biography Feb 14.

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