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The Children Act by Ian McEwan

This book review was written by Cynthia Haskell, a member of the Tuesday Evening Book Club.Published in 2014, The Children Act is the 13th novel by highly acclaimed British author Ian McEwan. Well-researched and written in McEwan’s inimitable elegant prose, this book is set in London and focuses on the case of a 17 soon to…Continue

Started by Tuesday evening book club in Fiction A-Z (General) on Friday.

Survivors / by Terry Nation

I'll admit it. Sometimes I pick up a book just because I enjoyed a movie or television show based on it.  BBC produced an interesting post-apocalyptic series for two seasons in 2008 based on this book and I rather liked it, but the book turned out to have some problems."Survivors" is a rather dated novel by now (published in 1975) and it describes a society decimated by a flu-like virus.  Complications for those few who do not die include dealing with the sheer mass of unburied dead, the slow…Continue

Started by Kim Allen Scott in Science Fiction Jan 27.

Bullfighting : Stories by Roddy Doyle

"Bullfighting" is a collection of edgy short stories exploring the journeys of middle-aged Irish men.  Each character offered a touching story, often sad and honest.  I greatly enjoyed the collection as the stories have helped me to better understand my father.  Sometimes words are better written than…Continue

Started by Read, Review & Win in Short Stories Jan 20.

Lost Voices by Christopher Koch

Great story  -  beautifully told.  Fascinating early Tasmanian history too!Continue

Started by Read, Review & Win in Australian Author Jan 18.

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